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I  have been working on my own for over twenty years, before that I worked  with some paint crews in the Back Bay and on The Hill doing some high  end condo conversions, often spending a year in one building with  multiple units, but that got tiring.So, if you don't like the big crews  coming in your house and making lots of noise and generally making a  mess, and want a meticulous person working on your house getting the  prep work right and not blowing dust over all over the place with their  outdated shop vacs, hire someone that's invested in the right tools for  the task.

I have extensive experience in surface preparation and the application of paints. I've been using the Benjamin Moore Aura paint  for a many  years now. It's an excellent paint if you have small  children or allergy's since it's a low odor and low VOC paint. It has  Ben Moore's proprietary Color Lock technology, making it unique in the  paint market. Aura dries quick and with it’s superior coverage allows me  to get two coats on the walls in a timely manner, saving time and money  from the days of using a tinted primer. I've also invested in the  Festool sanders and their dust extractor with the HEPA filter, it  provides very good dust control for interior work. It's also an EPA  Regulation.

I enjoy a smoke free work place, all kinds of smoke.

I have excellent references and some pictures to share. 



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