Report Date:2/13/2006


Member Name:SANDRA 

Was Work Done?:YES

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Hire Again?:YES

App. Cost:$1160

Home Build Year:1899

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Description of  Work: Steve transformed a small bedroom in my 100+ year old Victorian.  He stripped the old wallpaper, patched the walls, sanded the woodwork  and doors, primed and painted everything. It's beautiful. Steve also has  done a couple of other small jobs for me: powerwashing my steps,  installing vents in my attached storage shed and painting my bathroom  ceiling. Work is done quickly, professionally and well!

Member  Comments:Punctual, polite, talented, and most important of  all--extremely clean and tidy. Tools and everything put away--no specks  of paint anywhere they shouldn't be. (He also kept my cat company!)

This is from a customer in Charlestown:

I couldn't be  more pleased with the work Steve has done on our home. Not only did he  do a fantastic job on painting but he also was able to perfectly match  colors for us as well as provide us with cost saving solutions. His work  encompasses the highest quality and his reliablity and follow up is  excellent. I highly recommend his services.


This is from Somerville:

Steve did a tremendous job for me.

I have a 2 family house in Somerville that I am putting on the market to sell and I needed to have a variety of work done.

I had him paint bedroom, bath, up a set of stairs (very high walls) and a sitting area.

He also  replaced a section of ceiling for me which involved cutting a 4 foot 10  foot section out, replacing the sheet rock, taping and plastering as  well as color matching the ceiling paint, which is blue.

In the bedroom  he scraped and filled holes and peeling paint with plaster, applied  pre-tinted primer and finished with 2 coats of paint top coat.

In the bath he  fixed a bad spot in the ceiling, scraped and filled holes, primed over  navy blue, painted all the trim and painted the walls.

In the upstairs area he primed and painted in two different colors.

Since my color  choices are rather bold, he did a great job with them and his edges  were very well maintained and his coverage well done.

He arrives every morning at exactly 7-7:15 AM.

He brings all  his own supplies and stacks them neatly in his work area. He has a small  radio he listens to and works a solid 8 hour day. he brings his own  lunch and breaks promptly at noon and is back to work after a break.

I have three dogs that are usually very wary of outside people and not once did they object to his presence. (which says a lot)

I left him alone a few times while attending to business matters and never felt like there was an issue.

He is very professional and knowledgeable of his supplies and paints and know-how.

He is very intelligent has great hobbies and is easy to talk to!

I have an  interior design background and have worked for alot of high end  residential interior my attention to detail may be more  than the average joe.

His website very much impressed me and I thought his work was VERY good!

After 4 days on the job I gave him a check for his time worked and when he completed the job I paid him his balance.

I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Given the level of work that is out there I think you have made a wise choice to hire him!!!



This is a note from a new customer in Winchester:

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that we would definitely like to move forward with you - your references were absolutely glowing!

When you have a  moment, if you would please email me your estimate, I would appreciate  it. We know that this is rough and that as things come up, we may need  to make adjustments in the level of detail or increase your time based  on the situation.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing you in July!


from Jeanne, again

Steve recently  completed an extensive 14 week job for us in our 150 year old home in  Winchester. We can’t say enough about him! We are extremely picky when  it comes to painters and Steve was the perfect person for us. He does  meticulous prep work and pays great attention to detail for his “cut  ins” – not terribly easy in an old house. Moreover, he is incredibly  reliable (showed up every morning on time), very pleasant (to us, our  son and even our cat), very polite (kept the noise down during nap time)  and very clean. He also is quite flexible and is of great help when  trying to drive to a decision on colors. We highly recommend him and  will use him in the future for our additional painting needs.

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